New Events in 2021 – a busy year.

Upcoming events At Halstead Community Primary School we have a busy schedule of events planned. Whole School Shakespeare Topic – here we thread together various subjects for enhanced learning. The children across the school will have a focus on Shakespeare, looking at A Midsummer’s Night Dream, The Tempest and Coriolanus. They will research William Shakespeare […]

Nativity – Shine Star Shine

This week we were treated to a rare event in the area. The Nativity 2020. This version entitled ‘Shine Star Shine’ was performed by Classes Buds and Saplings as they danced and sung their way through an action-packed 25-minute performance. Sadly this year, there was no live audience. However, the virtual audience who connected via […]

Daily Mile Destinations Challenge

Now the school’s track round the field has been completed, it is time to make great use of it We are embarking on the challenge. The aim of ‘The Daily Mile Destinations Challenge’ is to work together to complete 100 days of The Daily Mile. The whole school, including Buds, in their own classes, will compete to reach all […]