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Buds, participating in a whole school activity, Roctopus and finally producing a CD.


Buds 2020 – 2021



Buds have been enjoying the large construction equipment outside

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Maths focus

Recognising numbers to 5

Counting to 10 and beyond

Ordering numbers

Counting groups of objects and matching them to a number

Repeating patterns

Describing and naming 2D shapes.





Words of the Term

Term 1 a, at, as, it, an, and, am

Term 2 dad, in, is, can, got, off, up, had, dog, can, get, big, cat, mum

Term 3 will, that, this, them, with, then

Term 4 yes, see, for, now, down, look

Term 5 too, day, play, went, like, him

 Term 6 her, his, came, away, from, here


Tricky words:

Term 1 a, I

Term 2 the, to, no, go, he, we, me

Term 3 she, be, was, my, you, all

Term 4 they, are, of, said, some, come

Term 5 out, have, were, there, little, one

Term 6 do, when, what, going, into, oh

Sound of the week (ReadWriteInc)

Term 1

Week 4 m and a

Week 5 s and d

Week 6 t and i

Week 7 n and p

Week 8 g and o

Term 2

Week 1 c  and k

Week 2 u and b

Week 3 f and e

Week 4 l and h

Week 5 sh and r

Week 6 j and v

Week 7 y and w

Term 3

Week 1 th and z

Week 2 ch and q

Week 3 x and ng

Week 4 nk and ay

Week 5 ee and igh

Week 6 ow and oo (poo at the zoo)

Term 4

Week 1 oo (look at a book) and ar

Week 2 or and air

Week 3 ir and ou

Week 4 oy and ea

Week 5 oi

Term 5

Week 1 a-e

Week 2 i-e 

Week 3 o-e 

Week 4 u-e 

Week 5 aw 

Week 6 are

Term 6

Week 1 ur

Week 2 er

Week 3 ow (brown cow)

Week 4 ai

Week 5 oa and ew

Week 6 ire and ear

Week 7 ure and tion

Week 8 cious and sious



Our Outdoor Learning Environment


Our Indoor Learning Environment

Buds Flower Bed