Welcome to Willow Class!

Last week in Willow Class

Well done for the Cricket tournament! We played fantastically! 



This week


We have had a fantastic school trip today! Walking nearly 6 miles, with only a few grumbles! Amazing location, and the children were brilliant! 

Den Day on Friday; DON’T FORGET to bring in materials that we can build them with!  

Next week in Willow class

 Next week seems to be quite quiet at the moment… but I will keep you posted!

A fantastic trip to Pooh Bridge ad Ashdown Forrest!

Speedy Six and Halstead Turbos storm the day!

From all of Willow, we would like to thank all the parents that came and supported us. A huge thank you to all of you that volunteered on the day! And a humongous thank you to the Mr. Mr. and Mr. Collier for all your help! You all helped make a fantastic day, and we could not have done so well without your support!