Welcome to Willow Class!


Don’t forget your ukulele on a Thursday

Homework is due on Monday

P.E. is still on Tuesday, though we are swimming on Friday

This Week

Swimming on Friday – The children are doing amazingly well! 

Key Upcoming Dates

Saturday 16th December – Christmas Bazaar (we are singing) 

Wednesday 20th December – Christmas Celebration at the church


Class Information

Long Term Plan

Class Newsletters


Spellings – The spellings that are being sent home are all the words the children will be tested on this term. 10 words will be chosen at random from these lists on a Monday.

Xs and Bs have been given ‘New Curricular Words list


Ws, Zs and Ys have been given ‘Most Common Misspelled Words

Maths -Parents, please read the questions to your child to answer on their answer sheet. The answers are on this copy. ‘Mental Maths test’ 

English – ‘Book Review‘  

Reading Passsports

Autumn term 1 Year 5 Reading Passport

Autumn term 1 Year 6 Reading Passport  

Autumn term 2 Year 5 Reading Passport

Autumn term 2 Year 6 Reading Passport