Star Moment of the Week!


My favourite thing this week was the maths trail. We did a maths trail on Friday morning with Mrs Saheed. We had to find answers for a little booklet. We went around the field and in the car park. I would do it again next week maybe.

We also practised the Ning Nong poem with Mr Hawkins. It was a good lesson. I like the poem because it’s silly.

I’ve had a good week.



This week we have been looking at stories.  My favourite is the Fox and the Crab. Next week we will be writing our own story. Mine is going to be called the Wolf and the Rat.

By Jim 


This week we learnt all about fractions; it was very fun (I was good at it of course). This week was an amazing week as we went on a maths trail on Friday; it was a bag ‘o’ fun. I liked the maths trail the best because it involved going outside and getting some fresh air and it led us all the way around the school, what jolly fun!

Meanwhile in English we wrote poems, these were based on the poem we are performing at the end of term – mine was very good! Moving on to English, which was my second favourite part of the week, I think I learnt a lot about writing poems.

My favourite part of the week, alongside the maths trail was learning about fractions, we did tenths and hundredths and I was one of the few to move on to thousandths.

By George 

Star Moment of the Week


My star of the week was cooking. This week we made salad. I enjoyed making the salad; we put mayonnaise, honey, carrots and yoghurt in it. We also made faces. We did painting as well and some colouring. This was a good week.



This week I enjoyed French. We learnt how to say hello. Bonjour means hello in French. I also learnt how to add by partitioning in maths. I enjoyed swimming because I moved to SHARKS. In Sharks we played fun games. My favourite game was when we played cars with the noodles. It has been a fun week in Oak Class!

By Evie-Mai 


My favourite thing about this week was our dragon designs. We have been creating our own dragons. We labelled the design and soon we are making a story about them dragons. It’s was really fun! On Friday, we had a harvest festival at the church. After what-felt-like a long walk, we sat in the choir stalls which was a good place because it’s at the front. Niamh, Ruby and I read our Harvest poem about Buds class; I was a little nervous, but happy when it was over. We sang the Halstead song, Harvest Hymn and as a class, Harvest Samba. My favourite was the Harvest samba because it has a good tune.


Netball Match Report

On Wednesday, we went to Churchill school to play in a Friendly Netball Tournament. We played four matches; the first was against Churchill; then Dunton Green; then Churchill again; and then Dunton Green again.  Netball was a good; we drew three matches and lost the other by one point, though if we had one more minute we would off scored as well as the time was called as we got the ball down our end! The people that played were Oliver, Daisy, Brooke, Antonie, Jim and Lucy and we all played fantastically! Everyone did an amazing job; we were so close to scoring! Everyone was cheering us on and the scores were so close, it was so much fun playing. All of the girls got to play as the rule is three girls have to play and only two boys can play at once, so they had to swap around. We all had a fabulous time playing as a team because we knew each other and that’s good because we can communicate well. The other teams played well; they were very keen and friendly.        

By Oliver and Daisy  

Star Moment of the Week!

Saplings class:

I really enjoyed doing PE because we went in the hall and made our heart beat really fast, and we went outside and tried to make our legs work better. I really enjoy being in Saplings Class because its fun and we do lots of writing and reading.


Oak class:

My moment of the week was when we went swimming; I learnt how to swim on my back. In English I wrote a story. I love being in Oak class!!!

By Beau 

Willow class:

My moment of the week is when we did division in maths using the bus stop method.  Also I liked PE; we did gymnastics, netball and hockey, it was really fun! I was partners with Ruby May in hockey. In netball I was on Ted’s team. It was amazing. I love being in Willow class!!!!!!!!


Star Moments of the Week


Saplings Class have been writing about Wombat Stew this week. My favourite character is the koala. We had Roald Dahl dress up day. The whole school did some Roald Dahl art. It was fun. We have named our class bunnies, called Chocolate and Sprinkles.
By Daisy 


Oak class are so lucky we had our first ‘Into film’ lesson. My group made a dragon storyboard. It was fun! We also had our first swimming lesson. It was fantastic!
By Pheonix 


Roald Dahl day was really fun because we all enjoyed dressing up in yellow or in costumes. We have made a lot more clubs like Drama club and Pokémon club. School has improved a lot because of new things to do, and being with new people has made it fun. I like learning about Beowulf and his mighty deeds.
By Oliver



My favourite moment of the week was when I saw my new class. It has lots of things to help me with my work. My favourite thing in my classroom is the clock because it has petals around it. I am determined to do my best work.

Billy Clarke


I am really excited to be in a new classroom because it is much bigger. I like that we have our own desks. We have harder work and harder reading books. I am determined to do my best.

Sean Smith


I know it’s the same classroom, but I have a new class. It’s really exciting to see my new class mates. I have a new friend called Oliver. He is in year 6. In the classroom there are loads of resources to help me learn. It looks like it’s going to be a good year!