Welcome to Buds Class

The teachers in Buds are Mrs Johnson and Mrs Saheed.

We do a lot of our learning through play and encourage children to explore their own ideas both inside the classroom and outside in the secure Buds area. The children are very happy in the environment where they develop key sills across the curriculum. The children play and learn together well.


  • Please bring a water bottle to school every day
  • Reading books will be changed on a Monday and Thursday
  • Buds have Forest’s Cool on a Wednesday
  • Buds PE day is a Friday


Tapestry Letter

Home Learning Tasks Letter

Forest’s Cool Letter

Buds Term 1 2021 Newsletter

Buds Term 2 2021 Newsletter

Buds Term 3 2022 Newsletter

Buds Term 4 2022 Newsletter

Buds Term 5 2022 Newsletter

Buds Term 6 2022 Newsletter

Rocktopus Video

Recommended reading list

Reading Passport letter

Reading Passport Term 1

Reading Passport Term 2

Reading Passport Term 3

Reading Passport Term 4

Reading Passport Term 5

Reading Passport Term 6

Sound of the week (ReadWriteInc)

Term 1

Week 4 m and a

Week 5 s and d

Week 6 t and i

Week 7 n and p

Term 2

Week 1 g and o

Week 2 c  and k

Week 3 u and b

Week 4 f and e

Week 5 l and h

Week 6 sh and r

Week 7 j and v

Term 3

Week 1 y and w

Week 2 th and z

Week 3 ch and q

Week 4 x and ng

Week 5 nk and ay

Week 6 ee and igh

Term 4

Week 1 ow and oo (poo at the zoo)

Week 2 oo (look at a book) and ar

Week 3 or and air

Week 4 ir and ou

Week 5 oy and ea

Week 6 oi and a-e

Term 5

Week 1 i-e

Week 2 o-e

Week 3 u-e

Week 4 aw

Week 5 are

Week 6 ur

Term 6

Week 1 er

Week 2 ow (brown cow)

Week 3 ai

Week 4 oa and ew

Week 5 ire and ear

Week 6 ure and tion

Week 7 cious and sious

Words of the Term

Term 1  – a, at, as, it, an, and, am

Term 2 – dad, in, is, can, got, off, up, had, dog, get, big, cat, mum

Term 3 – will, that, this, them, with, then

Term 4 – yes, see, for, now, down, look

Term 5 – too, day, play, went, like, him

Term 6 – her, his, came, away, from, here


Tricky words:

Term 1 – a, I

Term 2 – the, to, no, go, he, we, me

Term 3 – she, be, was, my, you, all

Term 4 – they, are, of, said, some, come

Term 5 – out, have, were, there, little, one

Term 6 – do, when, what, going, into, oh

Maths Focus


2D shapes


Nativity 2020

Buds enjoyed taking part in the nativity ‘Shine, Star, Shine’ with Saplings class.


Buds have been on a listening walk around the school


Our Outdoor Learning Environment

Buds have enjoyed learning in the outside area

Our Indoor Learning Environment

Buds have been taking part in many activities in their indoor environment