It’s been a busy return to school and we have been planning exciting activities for everyone to participate in.

Firstly, we have a PAFA Easter Egg Hunt which is using some innovative tech to enable everyone to stay at home but still hunt for Easter-related places around the World.  It is designed for the whole family to take part as you answer questions to reveal the clues as you hunt.  There is no charge to enter and winning entries will get an Easter Egg (limited to 1 per pupil) – donated by PAFA. 

Saplings class have a Victorian day where they will be hands-on-learning about Victorian times which complements their in-class activity. 

There will, for the first time, be a Family Zoom Quiz on Saturday 24th April at 3.30 pm which will have 5 rounds covering general knowledge, music and Disney to name a few. It’s £5 per team – yes, it is a whole family affair -and there will be prizes!  So start getting your team together and see if you can be crowned the HCPS quiz champions.  You will also be able to ‘play a joker’ on one round for double points – what will your team name be?

Willow has an Ancient Greek morning this term.  Look out for pictures and more on this fun-learning experience that has been organised to further embed the subject. 

The eco-greenhouse planning is taking shape nicely and we still need some 2-litre plastic bottles to complete the structure and the planting beds are almost ready to be planted up.

If you would like to get involved or support us with any activity then please do get in touch with the office.  It’s with your help with can ‘make things happen’.

Happy Easter