Upcoming events

At Halstead Community Primary School we have a busy schedule of events planned.

Whole School Shakespeare Topic – here we thread together various subjects for enhanced learning. The children across the school will have a focus on Shakespeare, looking at A Midsummer’s Night Dream, The Tempest and Coriolanus. They will research William Shakespeare – who was he and why is he such an important figure in British History and British literature? Explore a Roman building/Ruins within the local area – what does the evidence tell us about life in Roman times? Has the local area ever been affected by storms or flooding? In Tudor Times, explorers were trying to find out more about our world. What different explorers do we have today? Is there any evidence of Tudors in our local area? The Tudors loved to go to the theatre. What theatres are in your local area? At the end, we will hold a whole school celebration event.

The children’s enthusiasm for whole school topics showed in their production of a Rocktopus song last year so we are looking forward to what they will experience this year and also in their enthusiasm when studying the First World War this term.

Science Week – is another eagerly anticipated event. Eco will be the focus and we have already introduced elements of this on the maths day; more details to follow.

Safer Internet Day – An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world and staying safe online.

Pancake Races – has been a traditional feature but has been rained off for a couple of years. This year we are hoping for a ‘flipping’ marvellous time on the newly installed running track.

World Book Day – this is a fun day of dressing up with by the children and the teacher as they explore their favourite books 

Easter Service – Hopefully we can return to St Margaret’s again this year to sing songs and celebrate Easter and its meaning with the School and family members.

Easter Egg Hunt – With some help from PAFA we shall have an ‘Eggciting’ Easter Egg Hunt.

Eco Project – We have set ourselves an ambitious task of building a greenhouse from recycled bottles and for the children to grow their own fruits and vegetables for selling to the community.

Knockholt Carnival – the school plays an active role in the Carnival and it’s a chance to have fun whilst we walk with the other floats and raise some money. The children love the waving and the occasional sweet..!

The Halstead Film Festival – postponed due to lockdown, could well be on this year. After planning and producing films. The stars arrive at the event in a limousine and walk the red carpet. The nominated movies for each category are screened and then the winners announced. It is an event that is always a highlight of the calendar and involves the whole community. Camera, Lights, ACTION!

Celebration Assemblies – for children’s work. Starting January, there will be separate POWer project assemblies, just for parents. These projects allow the children to explore our key topics in greater depth at home and produce projects they bring into school and share with the class and parents.

Poetry Recital – at the end of Terms 3 and 5, classes will recite poems learnt by heart in the celebration assembly at the end of the terms.

Sports Day – this is always a competitive affair and by the end of June, we hope to back up and running.

Daily Mile – The children will also of course make use of their all-surface running track. Each class is midway to complete the daily mile challenge of running 100 miles.

Outdoor Learning – is widely encouraged including our newly re-introduced Forest’s Cool – this has been opened up so more classes to have a turn of experiencing it. It’s proving very popular.

Developing Playground – We have BIG plans here, looking to invest in exercise equipment, playground markings and reading shed all to make life at Halstead fun whilst educational.

There is a lot going on in 2021 and as always the children are at the centre of it all and continue to reward us with their hard work and achievements.