Welcome to Willow Class

Mrs Swansborough and Miss Haslingden

Willow class learn in an active and cross curricular way, using Supermovers to keep our bodies and minds agile. We love to enjoy a Daily Mile around our school’s dedicated running track.


To be Covid-safe, your pencil case should stay in school but your water bottle can go home.

In your pencil case you need: handwriting pen for all Year 6s and those Year 5s with a pen licence (not biro), writing pencil, colouring pencils glue stick, ruler and a black pen (can be biro).

Spellings will be tested on a Monday and will be 10 words from a selection studied throughout the week. The full list will be posted on the website each week.

PE – Monday afternoon

Music – Tuesday – bring your tuned ukulele to school

Library – The library will not be used until further notice