Day 1-We had warm-up games of Grab-a-Granny and Turtle Tag before dinner, then Team Tech and a Bottle Rocket workshop after dinner. The children were split into two teams for the Team Tech activity which had two parts; the Tower Challenge and the Dragon’s Den. They had to make a prototype of a gadget that would be useful for an OAP, name it and sell it to the ‘Dragons’. Team 32 made a ‘Legit Super Amazing Walking Helper Thing’ to help in supermarkets in particular – baskets or trolleys! Team 33 made a ‘Push-mobile’ which offered a seat but the added bonus of exercise! The last of Day 1’s photos show the teams decorating their rockets and one of the year 6 children demonstrating how to send them skywards. She is also showing the after effects of ‘lift off’ as the water that propels them fires back at the engineer!!!…..*Please note that the photos are unfortunately not in order even though they are uploaded this way! Once the ‘Gallery’ is activated they seem to display the way they want!*