PE Curriculum Vision 


Our P.E Curriculum embodies our values of:

Personal Excellence by ensuring the children make progress in obtaining the knowledge and skills to improve in creating and beating personal bests, to play games and take part in competitive sports.

Respect and Friendship by ensuring children know how to play as part of a team and against a team, demonstrating the qualities of fair play and good sportspersonship.

Inspiration by engaging and inspiring the children to increase their physical stamina and enjoyment in physical activities, by exposing them to role models and examples of excellence and an understanding of how sport has contributed to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.

Determination and Courage by challenging children and encouraging them to develop physical, social and emotional wellbeing through sport.

Equality by using examples of excellence from different genders, countries, cultures and from history, to inspire, engage and challenge the children.

The children are encouraged to reflect upon and evaluate their work and that of others, to enable them to develop their ideas and reasoning.


At Halstead Community Primary School children in key stage 1 will be taught:

·       to develop general physical skills related to co-ordination, agility and balance

·       to develop ‘multi-skills’ that can be applied to a variety of sports (and revisited at the end of LKS2)

·       to learn discreet striking and fielding skills

·       to apply skills learned to play one type of invasion game

·       over the course of a year, they will engage in one unit of Dance, one unit of Gymnastics, one unit of Athletics and one term of swimming

·       Then in key stage 2, the children will be taught to develop these skills in the direct teaching of different striking & fielding and invasion games

·       they will engage in one unit of athletics

·       Years 3&4 and 5&6 will engage in a unit of Heath Related Exercise

·       In UKS2, the children will be taught the sport of Parkour

·       Year 3&4 will engage in two terms of swimming, while Year 5&6 will be taught swimming for three terms

·       Key skills and knowledge for P.E have been mapped across the school to ensure progression across the key stages in two year cycles.


Through our P.E curriculum, the children will:

·      develop attitudes, skills and knowledge of sport in lessons

·      be exposed to different sports through workshops and Sevenoaks Partnership competitions

·      take part in and celebrate achievement in termly inter/intra challenges and sports reports by children who have represented the school

·      have the opportunity to take part in a variety of active lunchtime and after school clubs

·      have increased physical stamina

Essential Characteristics of a Sportsperson

Through our P.E curriculum we will encourage children to develop the characteristics of good sportspeople:

  • The ability to be physically active for sustained periods of time
  • To be physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness
  • To lead healthy, active lives
  • To engage in competitive and co-operative physical activities
  • To enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing with each other
  • To demonstrate the values of fairness and respect
  • To be motivated; showing perseverance and use of a Growth Mindset to demonstrate improvement in achieving their personal best
  • The drive to succeed and excel
  • To evaluate and recognise their own success