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Welcome to Buds Class

  • Sound of the week (ReadWriteInc)

    Term 1

    Week 4 m and a

    Week 5 s and d

    Week 6 t and i

    Week 7 n and p

    Term 2

    Week 1 g and o

    Week 2 c  and k

    Week 3 u and b

    Week 4 f and e

    Week 5 l and h

    Week 6 sh and r

    Week 7 j and v

    Term 3

    Week 1 y and w

    Week 2 th and z

    Week 3 ch and q

    Week 4 x and ng

    Week 5 nk and ay

    Week 6 ee and igh

    Term 4

    Week 1 ow and oo (poo at the zoo)

    Week 2 oo (look at a book) and ar

    Week 3 or and air

    Week 4 ir and ou

    Week 5 oy and ea

    Week 6 oi and a-e

    Term 5

    Week 1 i-e

    Week 2 o-e

    Week 3 u-e

    Week 4 aw

    Week 5 are

    Week 6 ur

    Term 6

    Week 1 er

    Week 2 ow (brown cow)

    Week 3 ai

    Week 4 oa and ew

    Week 5 ire and ear

    Week 6 ure and tion

    Week 7 cious and sious

  • Words of the Term

    Term 1  – a, at, as, it, an, and, am

    Term 2 – dad, in, is, can, got, off, up, had, dog, get, big, cat, mum

    Term 3 – will, that, this, them, with, then

    Term 4 – yes, see, for, now, down, look

    Term 5 – too, day, play, went, like, him

    Term 6 – her, his, came, away, from, here

    Tricky words:

    Term 1 – a, I

    Term 2 – the, to, no, go, he, we, me

    Term 3 – she, be, was, my, you, all

    Term 4 – they, are, of, said, some, come

    Term 5 – out, have, were, there, little, one

    Term 6 – do, when, what, going, into, oh

  • Maths Focus
    Term 5

    Number bonds

    Addition and subtraction

    Odd and even numbers

    Counting in 2s

    Teen numbers

    Term 4

    3D shapes


    Addition and Subtraction

    Comparing and measuring weights

    Term 3

    Counting and estimating

    Compare and order numbers to 10

    Number bonds to 10

    One more and one less within 10



Nativity 2021

Buds enjoyed taking part in the nativity ‘Is there a baby in there?’ with Saplings class.


Buds had a lovely day looking at the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum February 2022)

Buds enjoyed making poppy seed rolls on Remembrance Day (November 2021)

Maths Day (October 2021)

As part of Maths Day, Buds collected litter in the enviroment and then sorted it into categories. They really enjoyed cleaning up the local community.

Road Safety Workshop (October 2022)

Buds have been on a listening walk around the school (September 2021)

Our Outdoor Learning Environment

Our Indoor Learning Environment