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Geography Curriculum Vision

  • Essential Characteristics of Geographers

    Through our Geography curriculum we will encourage children to develop the characteristics of geographers:

    • An excellent knowledge of where places are and what they are like
    • An excellent understanding of the ways in which places are independent and interconnected and how much human and physical environments are interrelated to find out about the world and the people in it
    • An extensive geographical knowledge and vocabulary
    • Fluency in geographical enquiry and an ability to use effective questioning and analytical skills
    • Highly developed and frequently used fieldwork skills
    • A passion for the subject and a real sense of curiosity to find out about the world and the people who live there
    • The ability to express well-balanced opinions, rooted in good knowledge and understanding about current issues in society and the environment
    • The ability to reach clear conclusions and develop a reasoned argument to explain findings

Geography Curriculum Overview