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    White Rose Maths

    At Halstead Primary School we use resources by White Rose Maths for our Maths learning.  These lessons are carefully planned to ensure that children take small steps with their learning so that mathematical concepts can become secure.  In Years 1 and 2 we often use manipulatives and work practically to help embed this understanding.  We then move on from working with the concrete to work pictorially and then finally in the abstract – where we use numbers and symbols.  Click Primary Resources | White Rose Maths to find out more and access resources.

    Times Table Rock Stars – click Times Tables Rock Stars (ttrockstars.com) to access this educational website.  Can your child move on from playing in their garage all the way to being the headliner at a festival?

The Great Fire of London - a cat's perspective

Sapling Class had a small project to write a line that described just part of the ‘Great Fire of London’ from a Cat’s perspective. These individual sentences have been put together to create a whole story and then bought to life with audio.

Great Fire of London.mp3

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Roald Dahl Day

On Road Dahl Day we wrote some poems about the ingredients in George’s Marvellous Medicine and enjoyed dressing up as our favourite Roald Dahl character.  Can you spot Matilda and the terrifying Miss Trunchbull?

Fairy Tale Day

One of our activities on our Fairy Tale Day was to describe our characters using some really interesting, ambitious and exciting adjectives!

Maths Day

Our Maths Day this year had an Eco focus and one of our activities involved sorting our recycling in to 3D shapes.  We also learnt about fractions and Venn diagrams.

Rangoli patterns in Art

As part of our RE learning on Hinduism we enjoyed making some amazing Rangoli patterns which are often made during Diwali.

The Talking Papaya

In English we had fun acting out our text ‘The Talking Papaya’ before we wrote up the story in our own words.